• The brand will open its first stores this spring.
• Spain will be the fourteenth European market on which PEPCO operates.
• PEPCO office is located in Valencia.
• First PEPCO stores will be located in Alicante and Castellón. In its expansion plan in Spain, the chain plans to open another 10 stores during this year.
▪ Recruitment for individual PEPCO stores is opened.

PEPCO is a European retail chain that offers consumers everything they need to dress the whole family and a vast range of home products at low prices.

Launched in 2004 in Poland, since then it has gained the trust and interest of consumers and has expanded mainly to Central and Northern European countries. Thus, PEPCO currently operates in more than 2,100 establishments located in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

“We are very excited to be engaging with the Spanish market. Spaniards will get a chance to visit our stores and we’re sure our products will gain their interest and meet their expectations. Following years we are planning to enter one new market every year. It means in the future the number of the new PEPCO stores opened every year will rise from 300 up to 500,” said Marcin Stańko, Operations Director for PEPCO.

Opening of the first stores in Spain

The opening of the two first PEPCO stores is planned for this spring. One of them will be located in Castellón and the second in Alicante.

In its expansion plan in our Country, the company plans to open 10 stores across Spain and employ more than 100 people. Currently, it is focused on searching for other possible commercial locations with an approximate size of 500-700m2, located in cities over 50.000 inhabitants.

“Our market strategy is based on building close relationships with clients and partners, as well as values like respect, honesty, cooperation, improvement and enthusiasm as well. So that we would like to invite to cooperation, everyone who wants to join our mission and values and provide customers with the greatest shopping options at the lowest prices,” commented Piotr Kokociński, Operational Manager for PEPCO Spain.


The offer of the PEPCO stores is oriented to the sale of clothing for children, women and men (including underwear and shoes), accessories, toys and household equipment. Today, the brand is one of the largest sellers of children’s clothing in Europe thanks to its full range of products for children from 0 to 14 years old. All of the products are chosen to provide customers with the greatest shopping options at low prices. In a single month, over 19 million customers visit PEPCO shops in Europe.

Currently, PEPCO employs over 20.000 people. The brand provides an extensive training system fulfilling the employees’ needs and supports their development irrespective of the position or function. As a result, the shop personnel can put in better performance while the experts from the headquarters and the warehouse can effectively manage the work-enhancing processes.

In countries where PEPCO operates, it gains positive feedback from consumers, professionals and organizations. For its actions, PEPCO received several business and retail awards including Forbes`s Diamonds, Super Brand, Quality of Service Award, Shopping Center Forum Retailers` Award.

More details about an offer, brand, recruitment, and potential cooperation with property owners are available on website pepco.es. Questions can be directed to cliente@pepco.eu