Salicru has renewed its SPS ONE series, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed to offer best electrical protection for home and professional office.

With an innovative design, this renewed series is presented in mini tower format with line-interactive technology, providing battery back-up (with pseudo sine wave inverter output) and overload protection. During power failures, SPS ONE devices provide battery back-up to enable computer systems to shut down properly the computer systems and protects against data loss and electronics damage.

Among its novelties, it stands out its operation through automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to correct small voltage fluctuations without having to use the battery, thus extending its life. This function is essential in areas where voltage fluctuations occur frequently.

The SPS ONE series features SAI/PC communication interface via USB with HID protocol, which allows the parameter setting, UPS control and shutdown or hibernation of the computer through the USB port. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, also has software for management and monitoring the UPS for closing files/applications of these operating systems, a free and downloadable software from 

The large number of computer and multimedia equipment connected to the network that we have in our homes, offices and small businesses constitute an important bank for the storage of personal and professional files and data. However, all of this systems have an important dependence: the need for a stable and quality electrical supply that guarantees the ability to enjoy and/or work uninterrupted.

The best solution to avoid interruptions, damages and loss of data in these areas is the protection offered by Salicru SPS ONE series UPS, which have the following power range: 500, 700, 900, 1100, 1500 and 2000 VA.

Data sheet: SPS ONE